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We were initially contracted by Ringling College in 2006 to strategize a comprehensive, user-friendly, and mobile-ready e-communications system for the Office of the President. The essential goal was to strengthen connections to alumni, donors, students, faculty + staff, and the media using HTML-based email, while offloading the workload from the college’s staff.

The primary requirements were two-fold: 1) to set up an independent and secure email server to ensure the College’s main data network was protected from additional email traffic; 2) to ensure the visual aesthetic met the high benchmark of the college’s brand.

Since our work began nearly a decade ago, we have managed the majority of the e-mail communication solution we developed throughout the entire institution. Our role broadened from the President’s Office to include e-mail management for more than 10 internal departments within the college.

Our solutions include: creating, managing, and updating the email contact database; crafting a scheduling system to avoid overuse of shared email lists; designing templates for a wide variety of class offerings, event invitations, news releases, e-newsletters and surveys; and, distributing and monitoring the success of nearly 200 email communications annually.

What we Did

  • e-mail marketing
  • Contact Database Management
  • Landing Pages
  • Google AdWords Campaign
  • Hosting
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Ringling College e-communication