Track your e-mail campaigns with real-time data for better results

Track your e-mail campaigns with real-time data

e-mail campaigns – It may seem like once you’ve gone through the process of preparing content and images, designing and sending your e-mail campaign that the work is done, but it’s only just begun. Moments after you hit send on your e-mail campaign data is starting to be collected and categorized.

For nearly 15 years Constant Contact has been our e-mail marketing partner primarily because of it’s ease of use and it’s awesome reporting system.

The overview report provides the data results in a one-sheet format. It displays the number of contacts you sent your campaign to, the open rate, bounce rate, SPAM notices and click though rates.

From the overview report you can click on the open rate and see specifically who opened the e-mail and the exact time that they opened the e-mail. Click on the bounces and view the contacts that bounced as well as the reason for the bounce. Click through rates will allow you to view the hyperlinks within your e-mail and the contacts that clicked on those links. All of this data is critical in keeping an up-to-date database of contacts.

FBI announces new exploits in Spear Phishing campaigns

Spear Phishing campaigns

Spear Phishing campaigns – You have received them in your inbox all the time, “open attached, invoice attached,” Emails from people you do not know and sometimes from companies you do business with, be careful what you open. A few simple steps you can take to make sure you’re not a victim or malware of phishing are:
1. Make sure you have virus protection installed and up to date.
2. Don’t click on links you do not recognize.
3. Hover over the link and make sure the links matches the email description.
4. If you know the person email them back from a new email requesting confirmation.
5. Delete the email ASAP.
These simple steps you can take to add an extra level of protection. Also, remember to update and back up your computer files every day.