Website Wall – Has your web site hit a wall, have you defined your audience?

Website Wall – I had an interesting conversation with a potential client recently. We were discussing his corporate website and how he hit a wall in terms of getting leads. He was well versed in SEO strategies, he had kept the website up to date and posted fresh content frequently on a Blog and he had dabbled in pay-per-click advertising. The interesting part of the conversation was when we started to discuss who his website user is. See, sometimes you can get so focused on getting your message out that you forget about who you are trying to communicate to.

The potentials’ industry is home health care so the person accessing the website for information would generally not be the person utilizing the actual services. I discussed how different generations utilize technology and access information differently. We talked about how Baby Boomers are far different from Millennials in how they search for content, what social media channels they use and how they use websites.