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Years of experience with web + online projects have prepared the team at Nuevo Advertising to handle every challenge thrown at us. We have built countless websites from the ground up. Our approach has always been a balance of form and function, a website that looks great and doesn’t work is as useless as the website that looks horrible and works great.

Today just about anyone can with a computer can build a web site, but not everybody knows how to position that website to succeed against your competitors, from the technology used to the SEO (search engine optimization) strategy implemented to the text and pictures that convey feelings, emotions and desires.

Strategy + planning. We determine what the big picture is by discussing what your needs are and what your potential clients’ needs are, and we set the foundation to meet these needs.

User interface + experience. We develop concept designs to match your brand, product or stated goals so you can start to see your vision come to life.

Programming + development. Everything we build today is based on a responsive design. What does responsive mean? A responsive design adapts to fit the device being used to view your content, be it a tablet or mobile phone. Google and all other major search engines have openly acknowledged that online content will be evaluated on its abilities to correctly display content on a mobile device. If a site or content is found to not be mobile compliant, that site will immediately start losing organic search ranking when searches are conducted from mobile devices.

Prior to launch we integrate social media to announce to the world that your project is complete. Maintaining and upgrading the content on your web site, blog or social media is of the utmost importance. Search engines have optimized their algorithms to frequently visit websites for updates, technological upgrades and announcements.

Whatever your needs – a web site, a landing page, web maintenance or back office management – the team at Nuevo Advertising has the experience and the know-how to make your business succeed online.

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