People have said that “small business is big business” meaning that the cumulative impact of entrepreneurs and small businesses is great. However we say it, our community and our country wouldn’t be what they are without the owners and managers of these thousands and thousands of firms.

Not only do they meet our needs for virtually all types of goods and services, but also small businesses are by far the best employers at creating new jobs. Also, studies have shown that small businesses create a huge number of innovations that keep us competitive and make our lives better.

Hispanic Buying Power ABC 7 News AT 5:30

Connecting the local—and someday national—business community to the exploding Hispanic buying market is the main point behind Nuevo Punto (New Point) Advertising Group, founded last summer by Bradenton’s Roseanne Avella-Perez.

Avella-Perez has assembled a team of eight Spanish-speaking professionals with Colombian, Cuban, Puerto Rican and Venezuelan origins—copywriters, graphic designers, translators and market analysts—for the new full-service ad agency.

A Bradenton couple is banking on the potential rewards of tapping into the Hispanic advertising market.

Pedro Perez and Roseanne Avella-Perez recently opened Nuevo Punto Advertising Group, a full-service agency focused on using what they call “the complete language of the Hispanic culture,” to link clients with a rich market.

They intend to draw on cultural differences, not just translations from English to Spanish.

Seeing opportunity in the Hispanic market, the founders of the Sarasota-based Web managment firm Merging Point Design, Pedro and Roseanne Pérez, have a new startup: Nuevo Punto ( New Point) Advertising Group.

The new company is a full-service advertising and marketing firm aimed at helping companies reach the largest minority group in the nation – Hispanics.

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