Playing it loose with Advertising

Sometimes the idea of advertising just because you have to forces most of us to buy advertisement we otherwise wouldn’t even consider, or worse to cut corners just to meet certain deadlines. Having a clear plan and a strategy for your marketing and advertising is a necessity. Understanding your client or market is a must. Everything from gender, age group, language preference, habits and practices are all quintessential components in correctly positioning your advertisement for success.

When creating a plan there are a few questions to ask – inquire about our circulation numbers, distribution, pass along statistics, add versus content, views, etc. Think about meeting the staff and sales team. Are they knowledgeable about their product? Are they involved in the local community and out reach programs? All of these factors play a role in the success of your marketing and advertising efforts.

Sarasota Advertising Pedro Pérez exhibit broadens the definition of “art”

It’s not every day you see an anti-nausea medication on display in an art gallery.

However, its creator wouldn’t be bothered by passersby questioning the piece’s artistic validity. Pedro Pérez is the designer of the packaging for the bottle of Children’s Emetrol currently on display in the Patricia Thompson Gallery until Oct. 21. He believes if he has started a conversation about the definition of art, he has succeeded.

Nuevo Advertising Group worked with Wellspring Pharmaceutical to refresh the packaging of Children’s Emetrol, an anti-nausea medication, in order to create a more vibrant, kid-friendly look. Nuevo Advertising Group worked with Wellspring Pharmaceutical to refresh the packaging of Children’s Emetrol, an anti-nausea medication, in order to create a more vibrant, kid-friendly look. “Art, to people, is different,” he says. “I would argue with you that a landscaper is an artist. I would argue that an architect is an artist. I would even argue with you that a mechanic, to a certain extent, is an artist. It’s what we do and how we define what we do.”

The bottle is part of the Pedro Pérez exhibit showcasing work he has produced from his early college years until now. The collection includes everything from industrial and graphic design to web development and photography.

Your smartphone is tracking your every move

If you own one of the millions of smartphones in the US today you probably know that everything you do online is being tracked.  When you visit a web site on your phone, open an app or simply travel with your phone in your pocket – you are creating data – but did you know that your GPS data is also being collected?

This microdata or better yet empirical data is extraordinarily valuable to an advertiser.  Empirical data can be used to help understand the habits not only for the individual consumer but a group of consumers.  This greatly increases the potential of an advertisement achieving its goal.

Target is a great example of retail brick and mortar business that is also reaching out digitally to its consumers. Target’s mobile app for smartphone Cartwheel allows consumers to choose or scan a product and save money based on your purchases.  Cartwheel is unique as its focus is to get you to turn on the app while you are in the store and use it during your shopping.  While utilizing this app data is being collected – your purchases, things you scan but don’t purchase – even the path you walk through the store.

GPS and Ad Tracking – I’m sure you’ve seen them driving around town, sometimes a scooter with an advertisement cart behind them, sometimes it’s a big truck or even a mini truck with a thin billboard behind the driver – they are mobile billboards. Don’t think mobile like your smart phone, think mobile like moving – in a nutshell it is a moving billboard.

Have you ever wondered if this technology/advertising makes sense for your business? It all comes down to the tracking and the exposure you receive versus the money spent and the return on investment. This style of advertising allows you to track your advertisement as it travels down the road. You can view current traffic conditions and active driving times. This data provides the advertiser with the ability to monitor and re-route the mobile billboard drive. The advantage here is the real-time tracking and being able to analyze the cost benefits of leads.