Our Family + Technology

Our Family + Technology, We have an almost 10 year old and a 6 year old in our house. Our 4th grader is required to have an ipad for use at school and for homework. She likes to watch YouTube videos of people playing Mine craft and finding cute pics of baby bunnies on the Internet. Our 6 year old is in Kindergarten is obsessed with anything Lego. He loves making stop motion videos with his Lego mini figures and watching similar videos on YouTube. Right now Batman reigns supreme. My wife/partner and I both have laptop computers and iPhones that allow us to work on the go and keep in touch with out of town family. Social media allows us to keep up with High School and College friends’ comings and goings.

So, with all of that going on we used some common sense to keep our family safe online. Since our daughter is required to have an iPad for school the school provides an “Acceptable Use Policy” for each student and their parent to review and sign. It spells our things like students are not allowed to download or install material unless under supervision. Or, the student will not send any personal information (photos, addresses or phone numbers) to anyone else on the Internet. We’ve also had some conversations with her about appropriate material and what she should avoid online.

GPS and Ad Tracking – I’m sure you’ve seen them driving around town, sometimes a scooter with an advertisement cart behind them, sometimes it’s a big truck or even a mini truck with a thin billboard behind the driver – they are mobile billboards. Don’t think mobile like your smart phone, think mobile like moving – in a nutshell it is a moving billboard.

Have you ever wondered if this technology/advertising makes sense for your business? It all comes down to the tracking and the exposure you receive versus the money spent and the return on investment. This style of advertising allows you to track your advertisement as it travels down the road. You can view current traffic conditions and active driving times. This data provides the advertiser with the ability to monitor and re-route the mobile billboard drive. The advantage here is the real-time tracking and being able to analyze the cost benefits of leads.