GPS and Ad Tracking

05 August 2016,   By ,   0 Comments

GPS and Ad Tracking – I’m sure you’ve seen them driving around town, sometimes a scooter with an advertisement cart behind them, sometimes it’s a big truck or even a mini truck with a thin billboard behind the driver – they are mobile billboards. Don’t think mobile like your smart phone, think mobile like moving – in a nutshell it is a moving billboard.

Have you ever wondered if this technology/advertising makes sense for your business? It all comes down to the tracking and the exposure you receive versus the money spent and the return on investment. This style of advertising allows you to track your advertisement as it travels down the road. You can view current traffic conditions and active driving times. This data provides the advertiser with the ability to monitor and re-route the mobile billboard drive. The advantage here is the real-time tracking and being able to analyze the cost benefits of leads.

It is possible as we move into our busier season here in Sarasota/Bradenton that you will be seeing more mobile billboards advertising services, restaurants, legal assistance and more. Have you ever connected with a business after seeing a mobile billboard? What message or advertised service would you find useful?

What can we expect in the future? It’s probably safe to say that things will be in motion – animations, videos, movie trailers and GIF’s. Reporting and data collection will be streamlined and become easier for the advertiser to manage and review.

Want to learn more about mobile advertising and if it is the right solution for your marketing needs? Contact Nuevo Advertising or a reputable local advertising agency to learn more.