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E-mail marketing has become commonplace and is a great way to engage your contacts.  Once you have your e-mail prepared you want to ensure that it reaches your contacts inbox and that they open it.  Personal preferences and SPAM filters can hinder that process, but we have a few tips to help you increase your open rates.

1.  66% of contacts check e-mail on a mobile device, so ensuring that your e-mail is mobile friendly is key.

2.  Write a subject line that captures the recipient’s attention without misleading the reader about the content of the e-mail. Avoid the
“what happens next …” syndrome.

3.  Your e-mail should have a good balance of text and images. An e-mail with too many images can load slowly and trigger SPAM filters.

4.  Have a concise call to action in your e-mail. You’re contacting people for a reason, so make that reason clear: learn more, register now, buy now, etc.

5.  Send a test e-mail to yourself and review it. Make sure the links within your e-mail work properly. You’ll also see how images load and look.

6.  Too many e-mails will turn off your audience and you’ll find your recipient list shrinking. Send only when you have something important or
valuable to tell your customers.
Pedro Pérez is a founding partner of Nuevo Advertising Group, and an Adjunct Professor of Global Brand Strategies at Ringling College of Art + Design. For over 17 years Pedro has offered clients his knowledge and expertise. Pedro has always demonstrated a keen analytical sense combined with a good dose of common sense in crafting digital + online marketing strategies as part of an integrated marketing plan.