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Email tracking software, good idea or not?

Email tracking, Did you know the emails you send and receive can be tracked? The process is called “email tracking” and it is an invaluable tool you can use to ensure your clients and contacts have received, opened and read your email communications. To do this, a simple code is inserted into the email message when you send it. This triggers an email response back to you to alert you when the message has been opened, how many times, and in some cases if it was forwarded to someone else.

Email tracking is an especially great resource if you’re in sales. Once you are alerted that your desired recipients have received your initial message, you can further customize follow up communicators and provide additional information. Even learning that your desired recipient has received your message and has not responded back to you can be a great resource for next steps. Think of it like an electronic “message received” response.

In most cases, you will need to do some research to ensure the email software you are using allows this feature. If not, you can research what email systems will work best for your needs and/or budget. All services are not the same, so do a little home work and review options. Some resources will let you use the technology for free up to a certain number of emails a month and will provide a simple and cost effective way to upgrade the email limit.

This simple technology can help you better track your sales leads and contact follow-up for pennies on the dollar. And, be aware if you can track those you email, they may be tracking your responses as well!

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