Blogging? Go For It, Tuesday Tech, Published by SRQ Daily Freshly Squeezed Content Every Morning – Tuesday December 1, 2015

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Have you considered blogging on your website? Sharing your insights is a fantastic way to position yourself as an authority in your line of business with minimal investment. Consider developing a simple annual editorial plan and schedule time to write at least one blog post per month. If you plan out the subjects in advance, you can even write the blogs ahead of time and post them at a defined date each month.

Blogging about your expertise will help increase your website’s SEO organic ranking rate. Translation: the more content your website is able to offer; the better chance of the site being indexed within all major search engines. Remember to keep the subject related to your business, offering tips, techniques or expertise directly related to your company and background. Encourage your readers to give you feedback, posting comments and allow them an option to share the post on social media.

As you become more comfortable blogging, increase the frequency of your posts, and use reader feedback to write about subjects they find of interest. Don’t be afraid to constantly adapt your posts to suite your readers’ wants and likes.

Blogging posts are also a great way to introduce new products or specials for holiday giveaways. Integrate all of your social networking to become syndicators of your post. For example, when you post to your website have a plan to ensure that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any number of other social networks will rebroadcast your post.

Encouraging your readers to “like,” share, email or repost your content will help grow your audience, while building a real relationship among your greatest ambassadors – your customers and potential customers.