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Social network marketing is it worth the money?

Social network marketing is it worth the money? Marketing online can bring value to any marketing campaign. One reason is you’d be able to target your customers pretty precisely right down to demographic, geo target, Interests, Religion. Simply by setting up an account on any one of the social network platforms and using that social network to publish your photos, Comments, or your family gatherings. Over time gathering enough content to make you a viable marketing opportunity for a potential business or individual thinking of marketing a product or service through any one of the online platforms.

Most of us do this without even noticing or batting an eye. Have you picked up your phone just simply see what your friends are doing online, to see what events are happening this weekend? Have you clicked on links of interest? All of these things add to your value as a potential advertisement consumer. Have you ever re-posted an item you found on a friends newsfeed? Do you play games that are in theory free on Facebook as an example? All of these things come at a price. By clicking on the links and then accepting the terms you have now shared your contact list, usage patterns, your likes and dislikes. All of these things are used not to pinpoint you per se but you as a demographic which in terms let’s advertisers more precisely target you in their advertisement messaging creative and how they deliver the message to you.

This is all called Microdata. What is Microdata? It’s a larger subject that I’m going to discuss in more detail in a later blog post. Suffice it to say that Microdata is all of the little things you’re doing while you’re online browsing the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on a social network platform or not we’re simply using one of the major search engines to try to find something you’re looking for. Microdata is how advertisers and marketers get a rich understanding of you as a consumer demographic. Be aware that this Microdata is being gathered anytime you’re online using your computer or mobile device to access or seek out information online.

Point I’m trying to make is nothing on the Internet is free and nothing is by accident. The effort here is to make your experience online and enjoyable one at the same time creating a system or a mechanism in which messaging can be delivered and received in a favorable way.