Use Your Wi-Fi Wireless Whenever Available, Tuesday Tech, Published by SRQ Daily Freshly Squeezed Content Every Morning – Tuesday December 29, 2015

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Most of our wireless device data usage happens at home or at the office. It is always important to make sure your networks are set up properly and that your mobile devices are all set up to use wireless service whenever possible. All the major telecommunications companies charge you extra money for data. That’s why it’s important to make sure your mobile devices are set up to prioritize using wireless networks whenever available.

As stores adjust to better serve consumers, they are also adding hotspots free of charge for the convenience of the shoppers. The goal is to turn shopping and going to a store into more of an experience. Taking advantage of those hotspots, be it at home, at work or out on the town, will save you hours of data usage. The goal is to save your data for when you really need it, usually when you’re between wireless areas. 

Most phones will allow you to select and prioritize networks so that your known devices automatically override data usage for a free Wi-Fi connection. It is also important to make sure whatever wireless connection you are connecting to is a trusted source. Also keep in mind that anytime you’re using a wireless network outside of your phone’s data services, you are exposing yourself to a potential security opening. One downside to using wireless networks is your data is traveling freely over networks. A simple way to keep track of trusted sources is to make sure you set your mobile device to always ask you to join a wireless network. This is your control over who your device is authorized to use for wireless service.

A simple rule of thumb is to use your freely available Wi-Fi networks to do benign things like browse the web, watch movies, play games and read news. When doing more critical things like checking bank accounts, logging into your PayPal account or anything that has to do with a financial subject, it’s always a good idea to switch to your carrier’s data plan or wait until you’re home or at your office. Taking the simple precautions will ensure your security and save you on data costs every month.