What’s Your Story – Messaging, Tuesday Tech, Published by SRQ Daily Freshly Squeezed Content Every Morning – Tuesday October 27, 2015

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What is messaging and why does it matter to you and your business? Well, if you have a website, it’s assumed you are using it to provide valuable information to your current and potential customers. So it may surprise you that major search engines like Google, MSN, Bing, etc. don’t actually have human beings visiting your site. Due to the sheer magnitude of websites that exist, search engines use BOTs (short for “Robot”) – automated software that spiders or indexes your web site. These BOTs take many factors into consideration when placing a ranking on your site.

Messaging refers to the overall subject matter of any given page on your website and the content within it. In the eyes of a search engine BOT, the subject matter, content and Focus Keywords on your site combine like a mathematical equation to “score” your page and provide a numerical ranking. By default, the effectiveness of your entire website is translated into an index “number.”

The way the process works as it refer to others in your same business is simple. To assess the value of your website versus your competition, consider if it has the following:

  1. Clearly defined Focus Keyword
  2. URL – Title and use of Keyword
  3. Subject matter of the page within your website
  4. Overall content and message your website is communicating is clear and to the point. 
  5. Alt(ernate) text is used on each image relative to the page the image is displayed on. 
  6. Image to copy ratio: 30 percent image;,70 percent text per page
  7. Backlinks using messaging text
  8. Reference links to external sources sites
  9. Links back to your site from well-indexed sites 
  10. Use of PR distribution sites to help give your site ranking a boost. (Keep posted to read more on this in a future Tuesday Tech Talk.)

All of these items combine to paint a picture of your website and its content that search engines use to classify your website and display your content to the right audience. Google and other search engines are in the business of connecting users with the most meaningful search results that fit the terms(s) being searched. The more clearly defined your website messaging is, the higher the chance of it achieving a better organic ranking. Remember, SEO is not just about attracting hits or visitors to your web site (quantity.) It’s about you receiving qualified and relevant traffic – those potential customers who are seeking your services (quality!)

Good design and easy navigation are equally as important to your website visitor as messaging is to the search engine. Once you have gone though the steps to drive traffic to your website, the clear messaging and well organized content will get them to return and ultimately to take action. User experience is an important factor to any website and a winning strategy that will pay you back tenfold.

Keep in mind that oftentimes, the simplest looking and most successful websites may take the longest time to research, development, design and build because much is done on the backend to ensure optimal results.

Take a few minutes to do some time traveling at https://archive.org Type in favorite website URL into the search bar and discover how the site looked when it first launched many years ago, and more recently. You just may discover what’s old is new again. Simple and succinct is sometimes the most successful.